A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….


Lost Episode


It's 9 years since the fall of the Republic. Emperor Palpatine's grip grows ever tighter on civilized space while Darth Vador roots out any remaining Republic supporters and Jedi who have fled to the far reaches of the galazy. But those aren't the only people seeking to lay below the Empires radar.

Abandoned by their leaders in the far outer rim after the fall of the Separatists at the end of the Clone Wars, two brothers, Dand and Jaxsum Karr, struggle to make their way in a world of smugglers, gangs, and bounty hunters. Bound by their oaths to the Super Commando Codex, and with little more than their gear and their armor, they travel between planets looking or jobs and ultimately a way to return to Mandor.

Currently they are in the employ of the Huts on the back water planet of Tatooine doing simple guard duty and other mediocre planet side jobs…

Star Wars: Ripples in the Force

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