Star Wars: Ripples in the Force

Ghost Ship

The ship is on total lock-down and the dock workers are whispering about it being haunted.

Bull Shit! 

Dand and Jaxs decide to bi-pass the electronic system of the door by cutting it open, but as soon as they put welder to door, it opens up for them. They step inside and the door seals them inside, only this time if they touch it they get electrocuted for their troubles. With nothing else they can do at the moment they start to clear the ship, but find nothing except in old broken down droid in the corner and the old pilots stuff scattered about. Dand heads to the engine while Jaxs heads to the cockpit to try and figure out how to get the old bucket to do what it wants, but almost every time they think they got something working, something else goes down somewhere else or the fix doesn't last more than a few minutes. 

At some point they begin to suspect that the broken down droid had moved, but before they can confirm that for sure, the droid has a frag grenade in its hand. Dand grabs it and the droid takes off to the cockpit. There they corner it, grab it, and try to communicate with it, but the droid does not respond. Finally Dand has enough and rips the droids head off. It's then the brothers realize that the droid doesn't have a voice box. Also, the ship has conveniently started cooperating with them.

They repair the droids voice box, but it does not help much. It is reluctant to communicate with them and only gives them answers under threat. The droid calls himself and the ship No-Name. When Jaxs goes through the old ships records he finds that the ship has gone through several pilots, each only holding the ship for a few months and doesn't appear to have any current registration. Either way, the ship appears ready to fly and the droid No-Name appears willing to work for them now either because he's scared of them or because they appear to be bringing no harm to the ship. Eager to leave Tatooine, they fly away from the desert planet.


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