Star Wars: Ripples in the Force

Home Coming

When the boys landed on Concord Dawn they found a planet that was mostly existing peacefully with the Empire, only really having to deal with recruiters who wished to delve into the old madelorian blood. The port town was not as busy as they remembered it during the wartime and overall it appeared things had returned to a mostly quiet farming culture. Only a few things here and there could tell them they really had returned home: no one staring at their amor for example, or the weapons holstered on the side of farm equipment. 

They introduced themselves and inquired after their clan at a couple of places in town, but no one seemed to want to give them much information. They didn't see anyone they reconized or anyone that reconized them. So with not much else to do, they left No-name and the ship to check out their old home. 

Once there they were immediately greeted by a woman pointing a blaster rifle at them. Lori Karr, Dand and Jaxs aunt, had apparently been warned they were coming by folks in the town and she was very unhappy about people daring to dress in Mandalorian armor claiming to be her dead newphews. Once they convinsed her they were not dead she lowered her rifle and gave a signal to her son who'd been poised on the roof with his own blaster. Tey Karr was about 14, old enough to have his own armor and be out training with other soldiers. His sister Melhri was in the house, 9 years old and clearly pretending to be old enough not to be awed by the two strangers. 

Lori, though she looked tired, offered to feed them and put them up for the night since clearly there were questions that needed to be answered on both sides. For the most part they didn't have much to give since all they knew was they'd been working in the rim per their fathers instructions until a couple of years ago he'd stopped talking to them. It had taken this long for them to find a way home to figure out what had happened. 

All that Lori could tell them was that their father had somehow gotten news of their death and had decided to return to try and free Mandelor from Empirial and/or Deathwatch control. It was of course a foolish mission, but one a few followed him on, including their uncle, Lori's husband. That had been a little while ago and if they were still alive then they were behind the Emperial baracade of Mandelor. 


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