Star Wars: Ripples in the Force


The brothers slept at the family homestead for the first time in over a decade. Well rested the next morning, they went about trying to make themselves useful. Dand decided to go to town to deliver the message from Gail and pick up some stuff while Jaxs asked Tay if he'd like to be taken out for some hunting training. Tay was thrilled at the idea so they took off for the day. When Dand got back he decided to take Ravre aside to show her how to clean a gun. Lori appeared thrilled at the chance for her children to learn things she hadn't really had the time to show them. Besides, they listened better to their lost cousins then their mother anyway. Everything was going fine until Dand got a call from Jaxs. They'd made a kill, but gotten separated. According to the tracks Jaxs found it appeared two people had met Tay in the forest and he'd left with them and headed towards town.

One part angry, one part concerned Dand and Lori left to meet Jaxs in town to find Tay.


LadyEpona LadyEpona

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