Star Wars: Ripples in the Force

Mon Calamar Part 1: The Delivery

Almost as soon as they land on Mon Calamar things start to go wrong. Their ship is searched almost as soon as they dock and only the boys showing sympathy towards the Empire and kissing up looking for work made them only put the cargo under a 24 hour quarantine.  With not much else to do they leave the ship to explore the local hub and try to find their contact, trusting No-Name will not let anything on board. Nothing happens for the first night except for No-Name catching a Mon Calamari on camera coming really close to the ship to check it out. 

The next morning there is another Mon Calamari who appears to be casually looking out on the sea next to their ship. Dand approaches him and the code is given. Gail asks about the cargo and Dand tells them it's under quarantine for now so they'll have to wait. While they're looking out over the ocean, Dand and Jaxs can see boat coming in with Quarians workers coming in to work on an Emperial destroyer docked not far from them. Things get worse, though, when later that day the Emperial commander who inspected their ship yesterday comes by and says they won't be releasing their cargo, but he may have some jobs for them. They refuse to work with him until they get their cargo and the commander leaves in a huff. Trying to figure out how to complete the job now Dand heads out to make contact with Gail and Jaxs heads to the warehouse where the cargo is being stored to see how or if they can get it out.

Jaxs makes it to the warehouse okay, but before he can break in he is spotted by a pair of storm troopers. When he tries to take off, they fire at him and Jaxs is hit.  Desperate to escape, he jumps off the docks… right as the destroyer on the dock explodes over him. Right before Jaxs blacks out he instinctively calls out to Dand in his mind.

Dand feels the desperate call from Jaxs right as he and Gail hear the explosion from the docks. Gail is panicked and says something about it being too soon.  They take off from the bar and run towards the docks to find it completely in chaos. Gail grabs someone and they explain that they attacked sooner because some the saboteurs heard blaster fire and panicked. Dand somehow knows Jaxs is in the water under the debris, but before he can dive in after him, Gail stops him saying he'll send some of his men to look for him and now is the time to try and get the cargo.  Reluctantly Dand agrees he'll never be able to find Jaxs and heads to the warehouse with some of the young Mon Calamari freedom fighters. 

When they find the cargo, they push the crates into a service trap door that leads directly to water filled channels below. Once down their the Mon Calamari break open the boxes, which are filled with random ship parts, and take something out of the crates themselves. They then give Dand a re-breather and they swim away from the docks out to sea. They come out onto a hidden island that is bustling with activity as Mon Calamars and Quarrens bustle back and forth. There Dand finds Jaxs lying on the beach where the other freedom fighters had left him after getting him breathing again.  He patches Jaxs up as best he can and tries making contact with No-Name, but there is no response. 



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