Star Wars: Ripples in the Force

Mon Calamar Part 2: Escape

Jaxs is laying down in sand, which seems right only it's hot and way too much like Tatooine. He gets up and starts walking, but appears to be completely lost until he sees a cave in front of him. He walks towards it until he gets to the mouth of it and sees a small red rock. He pockets the rock and enters the cave only to wake up on a dark, much cooler beach next to he ocean and a strange old looking creature with tentacles on his face watching him. Something about how the moonlight struck him made him look almost transparent. Hurting and confused he calls out to Dand who is sleeping near by. Dand is instantly awake and goes to check on his brother who only points towards the Quarren creepily staring at them. Something wasn't right about the guy, even as he ask them questions about who they are, what they are, and eludes to things they don't understand before giving them a warning about their ship and leaving before it's too late. By this point the sun was rising and activity was starting to rise again on the beach. The Quarren disappeared, but not before Jaxs realizes that there is a red rock in his pocket that certainly doesn't look like anything he would have picked up in this area. 

Jaxs was feeling well enough to move so Dand and him move up the beach to find someone they can talk to. They find Gail and let him know they can't get a hold of their ship and all he can tell them is that it's probably grounded for the moment and suggest that if they want to get off planet now might be a good time since their intelligence was saying the Emperial troops where leaving the local docking hub. He agrees to give get them a ride back, but not before he hands them a message with directions to give it to the first person they contact once they leave the planet. 

Once they get closer they are able to make contact with No-Name who tells them he has let no one mess with the ship and seems eager to leave. When they get to the docks it didn't take long for them to sneak on board and get the engines running since the docks seemed deserted of Emperial presence despite pieces of their destroyer still on the dock. Once they take off, though, it's different story. A fleet was descending on the space docks and it took all of Jaxs current abilities to dodge them with Dand shooting down any that followed. The moment they broke atmosphere they made the jump for home, Concord Dawn. 


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