Star Wars: Ripples in the Force

The Cave

Jaxs and Dand are bored out of their minds working as toughs for the local Huts on Tatooine and waiting for a better opportunity to come along when a old ship force lands in the local space port and it's pilot takes off into the desert.  He appears to have been chased to the planet and is wanted off world by someone. Between that and having blatantly disregarded any orders given by Hutt command on his entry, Jabba puts out a local bounty for anyone who'd be willing to head out into the desert to fetch him.  Jaxs and Dand eagerly take the opportunity since their talents have been basically wasted up to this point. With Jaxs tracking skills, they are soon ahead of anyone else who'd be looking for the pilot and, despite a brief run-in with some sand people, catch up to him right about when he's about to seek shelter in a large rock cave. 

Jaxs dives in to stop him from entering, brings him out and they take him back to town. The pilot appears to have lost his mind, babbling nonsense mostly in his native tongue, and there's almost a little pity felt when they turn him over to his fate with the Hutts. But any pity is soon replaced with fury when they realize that instead of the paying them the credits that Jabba had promised, he instead intends to pay them with the junked ship the pilot came in! Not that they wouldn't love a ship so they could leave Tatooine, but this thing looks like it could barely leave orbit.


LadyEpona LadyEpona

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