Star Wars: Ripples in the Force

The Job

This ship is a piece of junk. They hyperdrive is down and they have to use the back up to get anywhere. It took them a nearly week to get to nearby Bespin with almost nothing to do other than go through the ships stocks and clean their armor. During this trip, Jaxs has a strange and rather realistic dream of being in a cave surrounded by sand. 

When they arrive at Bespin, they are approached as mandelorians with a job offer from a man named Pateal Roome.  He says he'd be willing to pay for repairs to their ship and give them more credits when they're done if they'll deliver a package to Mon Calamari. He eludes to this mission having failed before, and mentions there might be the possibility of hazard pay.  Sounds stupid and dangerous, but they really need to work and their ship repaired. So they take the offer. The mission: To smuggle the packages to an Emperial controlled dock to a Mon Calamari by the name of Gail. Gail will approach them talking about tides in November and that's how they'll get their next orders. 

No-Name is not happy with the workers being on the ship to do the repairs and Dand stays behind to watch them and the creepy droid. However, No-Name does catch them trying to put a tracker on the ship and Dand confronts Roome about it. Roome apologizes and says it's nothing personal, it's just something he tries to do for all his hired ships and he doesn't push it further.  Meanwhile Jaxs decides to try and earn some extra credits with some pazack games, and as usual, does really well. Well enough that two of the people from the table start following him back as he heads back towards the ship. Jaxs calls ahead for Dand to meet him outside… and seeing the two armored and helmed mandelorians is enough to make them change their minds about tailing Jaxs.

After the repairs are finished, three large wooden boxes are delivered to the ship. Jaxs has one more nightmare of being surrounded by sand before they leave for Mon Calamari for their first job. 


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